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"Jeg tager frugten fra tallerkenen."

Translation:I take the fruit from the plate.

December 7, 2014



A couple things: Is this anybody else's first time seeing the word "tallerkenen" in the Danish course? Also, is "tallerkenen" supposed to be pronounced that way? It sounds like "tell-air" to me. Thanks!


This word came up very early in the course, in the food section I think. It's only used a couple of times, and I did have trouble remembering that one. I am still getting used to Danish pronunciation, as it's very different from English (e.g 'kk' making a 'g' sound was hard to grasp) so it's understandable that it sounds like it's pronounced weirdly.



Forvo.com has been recommended by others on Duo. It is so useful to get another pronunciation so you can work out what sounds you are actually hearing. I now keep the link open in a tab ( not seeing much improvement in my pronunciation yet though! :( )


How come all other instances of tallerken will accept dish as well as plate and this one doesn't?


I don't understand if I wrote I took the fruit from the plate why it's wrong. I take the fruit from the plate just doesn't sound right


Why can't it be off the plate; ' I take the fruit off the plate'? If you take it from the plate, it would have been on the plate, so you can take it off the plate? I would never say I take something from a plate - from a bowl, yes, but off a plate.


Also, i was marked wrong for "I take fruit from the plate." A bit pedantic.

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