"De tycker om kjolarna."

Translation:They like the skirts.

December 7, 2014

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I had this as a "type what you hear" task, and this is what I typed: "De tycker om skjorlarna." (I thought I was writing that I liked the shirts, mixing it up with skjortorna!). I am not used to hearing those kj and skj sounds, so I get the skirts and the shirts mixed up. How can one improve listening for these sounds? I tried forvo, it was too slow and the words too isolated.


There is a video here of a Norwegian trying to explain the sounds "skj" "kj" and "rs":

(http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=swedish+kj) Oops she is explaining Norwegian sounds. Never mind!

So, Arnauti below tells me the guy has a Spanish accent!


I get one video with a guy with a pretty obvious Spanish accent at the top of that search result. I don't see the Norwegian one, but as a recommendation, try to listen to native speakers when learning these sounds, it's difficult enough as it is.


Thank you, can you pick a few that you think are fairly good for us? I found this link later although it is not a video, how about this one? http://www2.hhs.se/isa/swedish/chap9.htm


Would you please recommend a good Swedish/English dictionary app?


This is actually one of four words spelt with kj-: kjol, kjusa (rare:, ’dale, small valley’), Kjell (a male name) and kjortel which is related to kjol and an older word for it, or ’kirtle’.


know that you're not alone :)

I think kjo sounds like sho and skjo sounds like fo, but I'm not sure if the TTS Lady pronounces them that way. It's still a difficult choice to make, but at least we no longer have to worry about losing a whole lesson due to heart loss :)


I can't hear the slow pronunciation, but the ordinary speed pronunciation of kjolarna is quite good here. There are two other major problems with the pronunciation here though: the usual that de should be pronounced dom, and secondly that om must be stressed in tycker om.
kjol is a difficult word for Swedes too, children typically have problems learning how to spell it.


Is there a k sound to start, like ksho-, or is it more like sho-?


No K in there.


Awww nuts! Another word that didn't come up in any of the modules... :(


Yes, it often happens that new words suddenly come up when you think you should only be practicing. Sometimes I'll just take my pen out and write the new phrase down, even if it means not beating the "klocka" in timed practice. ;)


Hallo. I just hear "Dom tycker om shuglana".


Good. Remove the g and you have a somewhat okay-ish English approximation of the correct pronunciation.


Wow! This is what we can call fast reflexes! Tack så mycket.


It annoys me that I dont agree with the prounounciation of "de". Is it right?


de is normally pronounced dom, if that's what you mean.


The sentence uses the word "dom" instead of "de", which means that you get the answer wrong if you type the spoken word.


dom is the correct pronunciation, and you should use de in writing unless you're aiming for a very colloquial text. Unfortunately, the "type what you hear" exercises have a bug that causes only one correct answer to be accepted.


"Dom is generally accepted both as pronounciation and in writing" says my native Swedish friend


Depending on what you write, yes. But it's not generally accepted in writing unless it's colloquial.


Way too similar to 'kjolerne' in Danish, which means dresses. smh


it clearly says "dom" and not "de"


Good - that's how it's pronounced.


wow what... i had no idea that's so weird, i mean there's no m?


alright thanks man, have no idea what lingots do but have one :)


I get skirt and shoe mixed up because of the pronunciation of each in Swedish. Skjolen has the sh sound like shoe and skor has the skirt sound in English.


Uh-oh. So this is "skirt" in Swedish. But in Danish, "kjole" means a dress. This is going to confuse me.


The speech recognition is pretty iffy at times. I tried this one several times and its always a mistake...I am certain it is not my attempt.


Yes, I'd generally recommend turning it off. It's not very good.


I typed it correctly and it still marked me wrong


I see you left an error report, which is great! That way, I can either find out what's wrong or send it off to the developers as a bug.

Your error report reads

They like the the skirts.

So you accidentally entered "the" twice.

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