"Jag har en knapp i fickan."

Translation:I have a button in my pocket.

December 7, 2014

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So is the "In my pocket" bit implied? and you don't need to say "Jag har en knapp i min fickan?"


Almost: "Jag har en knapp i min ficka"

Yep, "my pocket" is implied.


"I have" implies it is your pocket. You don't "have" stuff in other people's pockets, if by chance something of yours would be in someone else's pocket they would be the ones that had it. "He has my 'X' in his pocket".

Fickan= the pocket Ficka= a pocket.

So if "you have something in the pocket", it would have to be your pocket for sure. I think.

I'm still not comfortable with the translation.

Shouldn't it be "I have a button in the pocket" And not "I have a button in my pocket" ?

Please someone correct me if I am wrong, I'm here to learn after all... but if Duolingo is petty on some translations, I can be as well


If it wasn't your pocket you would say the pocket but if you were wearing the item you would most likely say my pocket.


I really dislike the lack of explanations on how to word sentences and word usage.


Did they mean that this person's jacket has a button on the pocket? That's how I interpreted it, but "on the pocket" på fickan was marked wrong. I guess they meant that they were carrying a button in their pocket. (?) Strange example... but oh well, Duo is famous for that. Myran tycker om spindeln.


On the pocket would be på fickan. You're right, the person in this sentence carries a button in their pocket. I guess it came off…


For a moment, I understood a button in the girl. For a beginner, the absence of a unique letter in a word can be disturbing.


Fickan, as I understand it, means "the pocket" correct? If so, how is "my" interpreted into the sentence. Is it because I am talking about something that is mine and it is understood?


Same in Spanish: me estoy lavando las manos.


And German aswell :-P


But not in English. Hence the confusion.


Added to my list of Sentences I'm Unlikely To Ever Say.


You might say something else is in your pocket, then you'll know what how to say it from this sentence structure.


There was no "my" here in Swedish so I am confused


If this sentence translates to "I have a button in my pocket", THEN how you translate "I have a button in the pocket" to Swedish?


isn't it "in THE pocket"?


So it is not string or nothing then


My answer is correct ,what's up?????

[deactivated user]

    You sure it's not actually the One Ring?


    The red button:)


    Why can't i say "min ficka??" Is it like redundant if i say it??


    Where does "my" come from? Why just "in pocket" is wrong?


    There were not a "the" botton. Shouldn't be it "min" or "mitt"?


    If it is " I have a button in my pocket" it shoud write " Jag har a knapp i min ficka"


    It is i fickan,not my pocket. There is a mistake in translation

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