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I've preferred the old practice mode

I hope this is the right place to give this feedback. The new system is not as fun for me: - It's impossible to win Lingots or more than 10 XP for doing well. - Going back is really discouraging, strangely worse than having to start over. - It's silly, but there was a sort of excitement when doing a quiz with your back to the wall, all hearts gone and 10 questions to go. With the current system it just feels like a grind.

So, even though I realize in absolute numbers the new system is very similar to the old one, I find myself getting tired of practice a lot sooner with the new one.


December 7, 2014

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Yes, if you only have a certain amount of time and you don't know the lesson well, then it seems like it is taking forever. Of course when they make you practice until you know it, there is some advantage to that, I suppose. Guess what? I found that my android phone still has the hearts ! So it is only on the web for me, this strength bar which I am getting used to, but I love to change it up and use the phone.

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