"Vi lär oss svenska."

Translation:We are learning Swedish.

December 7, 2014

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Obviously "Jag lär mig svenska" sounds great if you are indeed teaching yourself, e.g. at home. If you were learning at a college i.e. being taught, would you still say "Jag lär mig ... ... "? Tack.


Yes. "Lära sig" works generally for "learn".


In this particular situation, it seems a little weird to me. Because that talks about teaching oneself as Arnauti did a very good job of explaining above. I would make the teacher the subject, teach the verb, Swedish the object, and you as the indirect object (the teacher teaches me Swedish). It seems weird to the English speaking eye but sometimes you have to go with what seems weird to adapt to the rules of a foreign language.

I'm not the expert though but this is just what I would do. I hope this helps


Why is there an 'oss' here?


It's a reflexive verb. If you're not teaching somebody, (like in Jag lär honom svenska, I teach him Swedish), you need to have a reflexive pronoun in there.
Jag lär mig - I learn
Du lär dig, You learn
Han/Hon/Hen lär sig, He/She learns
Vi lär oss, We learn
Ni lär er, You learn


You are AWESOME! You are like a google especially designed to answer queries regarding Swedish.


I put "we are teaching ourselves Swedish" and got it wrong., and am not sure why, if the answer given is "we teach ourselves"


The answer isn't "we teach ourselves Swedish", but "we learn Swedish". To learn is a reflexive verb in Swedish: "lära sig".


How would you say "we teach ourselves Swedish" then?


Vi lär oss själva svenska.


Why not "we study swedish" ?


I don't think it should be approved in this case, because:

  1. We study Swedish means Vi studerar svenska.
  2. There's a significant difference in meaning between those two. att lära sig means to learn. "I've studied Swedish for two hours now, but I haven't learned anything" ."Jag har studerat svenska i två timmar nu men jag har inte lärt mig något".


The last sample wasn't about Duo students of Swedish course, I hope :)


Can't imagine that would ever happen :)


Why is "We teach ourselves Swedish" wrong?


The verb "to learn" is reflexive in Swedish. But in the English sentence, there is a clear emphasis on teaching ourselves, not just learning. That emphasis isn't there in the Swedish sentence, which is why it isn't accepted to translate it thusly.

Reflexive verbs are common in Germanic languages except in English, which might throw off some native speakers of English.


Jag misslyckas till lär Svenska. Jag misslyckas altid.

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