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Duolingo is now available on iPad!

Get it here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/duolingo-learn-spanish-french/id570060128?mt=8

Instead of just being a stretched phone version, the new app is specifically optimized for the bigger screen. For example, there’s a new side-bar that lets you immediately see your Duolingo stats and your friend leaderboard.

We’ve also added landscape mode to both iPhone and iPad, meaning you can now hold your device however you like, even Gangnam style!

July 11, 2013



Indeed the font is a bit small.

Also what I always loved about the iphone version was, that if I have to speak in the microphone, I got the translation with the "You are Correct" pop up. Because I can often speak the sentence, but do not know all the words in it. Or is this new system better for learning?

Thanks and all the Best


I'm not sure that the ipad experience is improved - in particular the font size in the new app is far smaller than it need be, and so there is a very big area of blank screen between the line you are typing and the keyboard or set of words to drag and drop.

This makes it more effort to use than the old app, first because the eyes have to jump around so much more and secondly because the small font size makes it harder to check one's work for errors (one's own errors and also auto-corrects that so often trip me up!)


Works well for me, but I hate the fact that you can't hide the sidebar and it takes up a third of the screen. I find it really distracting.


After 'speaking' you don't get translation. (I don't know how it should be.)


I just came here to write this. The translation is gone :( ?!


In a different thread they said it would be back in the next release.


how long is it going to be? im now sitting next to the comptuer searching all the time the translation via google translate


Is there any possibility of including a "My answer should be accepted" option in the next release? The iPad version doesn't seem to be as good at accounting for minor differences as the online version, and there's nowhere to report these.


Is Immersion available on the Ipad version?


I am wondering this too. I hope this happens! I sometimes do translations on the ipad but in safari and it's not optimal. Better than nothing, though.


This is a great update for an already great app!

The only thing I miss from the previous version that I can't seem to find in this one is the nice golden progress bar that used to show how much points you had to earn to level up on a language. Could you please make it come back in the next release?


Will there be discussions on the ipad?


I agree with those who don't see the iPad version as an improvement. I share their feelings about the always-open sidebar that was once just a swipe away, and the smaller font and extreme white space. I miss the "experience bar" that showed how far you are from the next level. It is also a bit of an annoyance to click Done on switching languages (another menu that was once a handy swipe away). I had hoped for additional features, like the ability to see discussions regarding my mistakes; however, I'm sure more features are planned and making the app universal was just a step in that direction. I'm still grateful for the service you provide and very much look forward to your future plans.




Thanks! It works great for me!


After this update iPhone app crashes whenever I try to open a new lesson.. though the "strengthen skills" module seems to be working fine.. please fix it!


awesome! I was really looking forward to an iPad app, because it's really uncomfortable for me having to hold up my iPad vertically. Plus, I kept accidentally clicking on the zoom (x1 or x2) button... that was a problem for me.


Looks very slick! I like it!


I like it but I miss getting the translation of the verbal questions. Also when I reached a new level the option to announce it on facebook was greyed out.


I hope I can check the vocabulary in the Mobile version


iPhone lessons are not being credited to my account ( finished and it threw me back to a login screen ).

Ipad is doing weird things like giving two identical answers and then claiming that one is wrong when its selected.

I have to open questions on several sentances that, in my mind, are clearly wrong and I've had to memorize the error just to get through the lessons.

It's very frustrating and hard to tell if its server side or client side.


Same problems I have had. I have had the multiple choices with identical answers and also a multiple choice to translate from German where all the choices were also in German, and none was a possible alternative version of the original. I haven't been able to report the specifics because I have been using the apps.


I definitely would like a section for viewing the vocabulary list in the iPad app. Sometimes when I want to practice I like to just scan down a list of everything and see the translations for all the words I don't remember any more.

More importantly though, the iPad app makes lessons easier than the website. I feel like this is a real shame, because the design of the app makes me want to practice more than the website. As it is though, I feel like I'm not learning nearly as well and that worries me.


I've been learning Bahasa Indonesian on my iMac and my wife has been learning Spanish on her iPad but cannot find Indonesian for her iPad. We have the latest Duolongo installed. help please!


I can’t find the French special characters on an iPad. For “in Paris,” if l type “a” followed by an apostrophe in “a’ Paris” & Check my answer, I’m told it is an incorrect answer. However, if I type “a Paris” it says the answer is correct, but I have a typo & to remember my accents! Is there a way to access French special characters on an iPad? Then because of getting an incorrect answer several times, I run out of Health & have to quit the lesson w/out finishing it.


I see lots of complaints, but I LOVE IT!! Big improvement over running the pixelated, portrait mode iPhone app on an iPad. Nice, clean look to it! Personally, I like the white space. As always, I'm sure Duo will continue to make improvements. Thanks Duo team!

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