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"O neto envia comida para os avós."

July 11, 2013



Couldn't "grandmothers" be acceptable as well?

Is it normal to refer to one's "avô e avó" together as one's "avós"?


If it was grandmothers, it would be "as avós", grandfathers = "os avôs" and grandparents "os avós". When you have a group male+female you use the masculine form, but it was "avós" because of the "o" sound. When a word has a closed O sound, it is usually changed into an open O sound when it is plural.


So that explains the Arnaldo Antunes song

  • Neto e neta são netos, no masculino.
  • Filho e filha são filhos, no masculino.
  • Pai e mãe são pais, no masculino.
  • Avô e avó são avós.


Also, if it's feminine why is it "OS avós"?

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