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"Kommittén fortsätter sitt arbete under de kommande månaderna."

Translation:The committee continues its work during the coming months.

December 7, 2014



Could 'The committee is continuing their work throughout the following months' also work?

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Seconding this question


thirding this question


forsätter or fortsätter med? Without med sounds weird to me...


Both are possible. fortsätter sitt arbete sounds better to me, and it's the version that is most often used.


In speech, most people would opt for just "[...] fortsätter sitt arbete," although I would say "[...] fortsätter med sitt arbete" is more proper.


"Fortsätter sitt arbete" is more common in written text than "fortsätter med sitt arbete", I checked using the corpora in Korp. I don't know about speech, my impression is probably the opposite from yours. There may be subtle nuances in meaning though.


Yes, It sounds better, cleaner, to drop unnecessary particles - stylistically - since it does not change the meaning of 'fortsätter'


When do you use "dess" to mean "its"? Could you say "dess arbete" here? Or do you only use it when the subject has not yet been defined?


When the object is refering to the subject, this is the Committees own work, Swedish always uses "sin/sitt". If not, refering to somebody/something else, it is hans/hennes/dess.


Just a comment about the English sentence, but "their work" is just as acceptable in English as "its work" when talking about the committee, as the committee is a group of people. Actually, it is probably more common.

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