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"De humor"

Translation:The humor

December 7, 2014



why is the translation "the humour" - if you want to discuss humour in general in English, you'd say "humour is...." How would you translate that in Dutch? Looking at the example of 'dry humour' below/above, it seems it can be used without "de"


Zeg men ooit "de humor is droog" net zoals wij zeggen "the humor is dry" in het Engels? Of is dat een idioom alleen in het Engels?


'Droge humor' is certainly used! (It's my favourite kind of humor! :D)


Humor. Humeur.

Nu ben ik uit mijn humeur. Ik hoor bijna geen verschil tussen deze woorden. Ik ben een beetje humeurig.


one has an eu sound and the other has an oh sound


"Humour" by itself should be accepted, if one in English was talking about the idea of humour by itself the definite article wouldn't be needed

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