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Idea Proposal for Duolingo to incourage people to do lessons because Duolingo is so great

Praer and I (herky9) have been sending comments back and forth on and idea I posted. We're proposing an idea that allows us to set a goal ourselves, or you guys set us a goal based on our progress. The goal could be weekly, monthly, or yearly. Please comment!!! Thanks

July 11, 2013



Herky, Duolingo already has a setting that you can set it to email you if you don't do a lesson past a selected time. (for example, Duolingo can email me if I don't do a lesson by 8:00 PM...) Not that I'm saying your idea is a bad idea, just Duolingo already kind of has something like that.


Good post. What we're talking about is a goal where you have to reach some amount of points by the end of the week. Example- 70 points in one weeek encourages people to beat there goal.

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