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Swedish Books

What are some good Swedish books to help me get some extra practice in. Preferably beginner level but would love to hear of any profound works that i could look forward to reading in the future. Also websites that offer these for free would be helpful. Thanks!

December 7, 2014



Thank you!

I found myself understand "Det var en gång en pojke." Yeah!! ^_^)y


You are basically restricted to the classics if you want free legal e-books. That being said there are some worthwhile classics that could be suitable. With suitable I mean short, reasonably modern language, and considered very good literature. I suggest


I'm looking forward to reading books by John Alvide Lindqvist. I'm read a lot of horror, and the Swedish adaptation of Let The Right One In struck a note in my head. But I can't speak for his actual skill as an author.


I actually just got through that one, albeit the English translation, and I thought it was great.


Although illegal, you can download the ultimate Swedish pack in some torrent sites.


I bought an English translation of a Kurt Wallender book by Henning Mankell, but was so annoyed by the super short sentences that I could hardly stand to read it. But you can order the same books in Swedish from Amazon in the US, and they have really short sentences too, which I am totally able to read. So while it's not beginner beginner, it's very manageable.

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