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"It is not spring, summer or fall."

Translation:Het is geen lente, zomer of herfst.

December 7, 2014



Why are both "geen" and "niet" accepted here?


This is possibly a bit like the German 'nicht' and 'kein'. The former negates the verb 'is', while the latter negates the nouns (similar to neither a, b nor c in English). The end result is very similar. It would be great if a native speaker could confirm or correct my assumption here.


As a native Dutch speaker I used "niet" as well. I suppose according to the grammar rules "geen" is correct but I (and many of my fellow countrymen) honestly won't notice it if you do it "wrong".


That's a good question. After reading this thread, the next time this question came up I tried it with 'niet' in place of 'geen', and it was marked correct. Can anyone explain why?


We're still wondering when we add the 'de' to a season.


when do you use "geen" and "niet"? Is "geen" for negating nouns and "niet" for negating verbs?



So basically, "geen" is to negate some nouns, while "niet" is for everything else.


Why is , "Het is niet de lente, zomer of herfst." not accepted? Why sometimes, 'de lente' and others 'lente' ?????? frustrating


I think, since something preceded by article is definite noun, it must be : Het is de lente, zomer of herfst niet. But, idk for sure. I'm not a native.


'Het is niet lente, zomer of herfst.' Why is this wrong? Why is the correct translation 'Het is niet DE lente, zomer of herfst.'


'Het is niet de lente, zomer of herfst.' was marked wrong for me


Further to this, when do you use de? Because "het is niet de lente, de zomer, of de herfst" was also marked incorrect


The opposite of my experience, including 'de' with 'lente' this time is considered incorrect! Please Dutch speakers, can you assist? Currently this is frustrating as it seems to be a lottery.


Why "het is de lente, zomer of herfst niet" is wrong ? I don't know when "de" has to be added to a season...

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