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"What have you got in your pockets?"

Translation:Vad har du i fickorna?

December 7, 2014



is this correct too? "Vad har du i dig fickorna?" i wonder if "dig" is omitted


If you wan't to use a pronoun there, it would have to be possessive: "Vad har du i dina fickor?" Otherwise, you can shorten it (I can't see any translation written, so I don't know what answer you were given) to "Vad har du i fickorna?" (Literally, what have you got in the pockets.)


The best answer is Vad har du (ni) i fickorna?. Vad har du i dina (ni i era) fickor? is also accepted, but it's not as idiomatic as the first one. Vad har du dig i fickorna? is incorrect.

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