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"How many islands does Indonesia have?"

Translation:Hoeveel eilanden heeft Indonesië?

December 7, 2014



Indonesië heeft 8,844 eilanden.


Depend on whom and when you ask:

1972 LIPI (Indonesian Science Body): 6,127 islands with name.

1987 Pusat survei dan pemetaan ABRI (MIlitary survey and mapping): 17,504 total islands, 5, 707 islands with name.

1992 Bakosurtanal (National Survey and Mapping Coordinators): 6,489 islands with name.

2002 Lapan (Aviation and Space Body): 18,306 total islands.

2003 Ministry of Research and Technology: 18.110 total islands.

2004 Ministry of Internal Affairs: 17,504 total islands, 7,870 named islands.

2009 Ministry of Sea and Fishery: 17,480 total islands.

....... CIA World Factbook: 17,508 total islands, 8,844 named islands

When you have too many things, you'll lose your count.


itu perhitungannya menurun karena banyak yang lepas?


I have seen that some countries are written with capital letter (Italië en Indonesië) and others are not. Is there a rule for that?


All countries are written with a capital letter, since these words are proper names.

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