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  5. "You get the cat from me."

"You get the cat from me."

Translation:Jij krijgt de kat van mij.

December 7, 2014



Why is it 'kater' and not kat?


It's not showing me "kater", but Google Translate says it means tomcat.


What about ," Jij krijgt de kat uit mij?"


Uit means out. Van is the correct preposition here.


That translates to " you get the cat out of me"

[deactivated user]

    Is "van" not a possessive pronoun? For me it does not sound equivalent to "from".


    "Jij krijgt de kat van mij." Could this sentence also be translated as "You get my cat." If not, how would you say that?


    As far as I know, YES. The clearer alternative is of course Jij krijgt mijn kat, though.


    Kater caught me out too! It doesn't make sense.


    What would I say if I wanted to say "you get the cat FOR me" ? As in I was asking somebody t pick up the cat for me, maybe if my hands were full? And would that translation work for anything I would want to ask people to get for me?


    goedemorgen 'wil' je een ei met jouw ontbijt (or) goedemorgen 'wilt' je een ei met jouw ontbijt - both are correct. In question forms, 'wilt' becomes 'wil'..but how come the second one is also correct? u and je are just ways formal and informal addressing right? can anyone help please..


    It's the wrong sentence discussion, though:

    • If the verb is placed before the subject, and the subject is je/jij the stem of the verb is used. This is the same as what you would use with ik and generally means removing the -t at the end.

    For example Jij hebt becomes Heb jij?. Which means that wilt je is not correct.

    • This rule only applies to the subject being je/jij.

    In other words with u this rule does not apply, for example U bent stays Bent u?.


    Why "jij"? Why Mij? Why not "je" or "me"? I'm getting so much marked as wrong because of stressed/unstressed pronouns.


    Why couldn't it be jij neem de kat van mij


    Because 'nemen' is to take something, not to get something.


    Can anyone tell me the use of the word "van"

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