"Hon är min andra fru."

Translation:She is my second wife.

December 7, 2014

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Will this work if I'm a polygamist too?

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It should!


Can this mean "She is my other wife" as in "I have two wifes at the same time" as in english?


Yes, but I imagine that's the less common interpretation. :)


Yes, but I tried: "She is my other wife" and that was accepted. (:


so does "andra" in more cases than not, mean "second"? (:


Honestly have no clues about meaning ratios here.


Being a naitve German speaker, this sentence can be quite confusing, as "andere/anderer/anderes" means "other" in German, so intuitively this sentence would mean "she is my other wife". I'm already immagining the awkward situations caused by this misunderstanding :D


It means either "second" or "other" in Swedish, so there is room for misinterpretation here too. ;)


As Sweden is a frontrunner in progressivism, I'm pretty sure the creators did this on purpose.


That would surprise me greatly.


that was my reation as well :-D and it's accepted that way. I went to the commands because of that confusion and I'm pretty relieved right now


I need help with the inflection of annan-annat-andra... also, do other ordinal numbers behave alike?


The ordinal andra = second does not inflect. (except that you can make it masculine if you wish: Min andre/andra man = My second husband, both work.)

The word that inflects is annan which means other (or different). en annan, ett annat, de andra.
So Hon är min andra fru = She is my second wife. Jag har en annan fru = I have a different wife.


So "She is my other wife" should not be accepted because this would be "Hon är min annan fru."


No, 'She is my other wife' would also be Hon är min andra fru, only the English version of that would imply you have two at the same time, which would be an unnecessary assumption to add.


I see then the Swedish "Hon är min andra fru" allows for ambiguity. What is the best translation for "Hon är min annan fru"?


You can't say Hon är min annan fru, that is just wrong.


Those examples are correct (as far as I can tell, I'm no expert in Danish), and I think they make it pretty clear, no?


It is confusing to me because in Danish "anden" corresponds sometimes to "annan" and sometimes to "andra"!

Compare: Jag har en annan fru =Jeg har en anden kone = I have a different wife

Hon är min andra fru = Hun er min anden kone = She is my second wife / other wife


Yes, I think I've got it now.


and what about forst|forsta?


Let's see… it's both min första, mitt första and mina första, so it doesn't inflect like that either. (min förste/första man works the same as with second though)

The form först is not used attributively (= to modify an adjective like in min första fru), only predicatively: Vem är först? (Who is first). There's also an adverb först, like in First we take Manhattan, which doesn't inflect either of course.


You could download a grammarbook by the tiltle Swedish An Essential Grammar (pdf), from Routledge, that's too good.


Hur många fruar har du?!


Does 'andra' always refer to just 1 other (ie a 2nd) or could it imply more? For example, I guess you could say "Var är andra barnet?" but could you also say "Var är andra barnen?"?

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Both your examples are correct, but you have to add the article here.

i.e. "Var är det andra barnet" - Where is the second/other child
"Var är de andra barnen" - Where are the other children

Note that when singular there is ambiguity as to whether it is the second or the other child, but when plural it could only mean other..


Let's hope it is consensual polyamory


Why is 'hustru' not accepted in this context? What is the difference with 'fru'?


The machine tells me it's an accepted answer, so I don't know what happened. May have been some glitch. hustru is more formal and isn't used that much.


Interesting - in Anglo-Saxon, OTHER also meant "second". Swedish must be very conservative,

  1. Marriage
  2. Divorce or death
  3. Second marriage

What's weird about that?


Ohhhh so it means second wife... Now it makes more sense!! Other wife is definitely weird though.. Like the person is married to two women simultaneously

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