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"Hvilken amerikansk by kommer hun fra?"

Translation:Which American city does she come from?

December 7, 2014



"Fra" sounds like "eh-fra" when read slowly. Is it really pronounced that way?


I'm pretty sure this is a flaw, it's been mentioned in other sentences with "fra" in them.


"From which American city does she come" is not correct?


I used it slightly different, but it was correct. "Which American city does she come from"


Forget the "don't end a sentence with a preposition" crap you learned in school. That is imposing Latin grammar on Germanic languages. English is also a Germanic language that also has a LOT of influence from Old Danish.


Curious, though, that the Germanest of Germanic languages doesn't allow prepositions at the end of sentences. :´)
Languages are a mystery.


That's because German has that idea of "Satzglieder" (sentence elements) that cannot be separated and, as a preposition can never be the last word of a Satzglied, it can't be the last word of a sentence

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