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Android app not silent

I put my phone on silent and still the speaker says sentences out loud, I have to actually lower the volume with the hardware buttons while in the app to disable the sound. Pretty annoying when you're in a public area and you forget about it and all of a sudden your phone starts to say stuff in Spanish :D On the site you can disable speaker/auto-voice. Perhaps this should be an option in the app as well?

December 7, 2014



I have the iOS app and in the profile/settings of the app it is possible to turn off speaking/listening exercises and sound effects.

Do you have the similar in the Android app?


Yes, Android apps have this as well, and it works fine for me.


I know about these settings. I'm not talking about Speaking Exercises and Listening Exercises though. I'm talking about translation exercises where the speaker still auto speaks the sentence out loud.


If you're talking about that, then you must off your sound.


That's my point. Setting my sound to "vibrate only" or "nothing at all" does NOT silence the speaker..

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