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Lingots for learning a new skill? Yes or No

I am in the test group with the status bar and no hearts. I like it so far. What I do not like is not getting the two lingots for learning a new skill.

Is that feature gone, or is it a bug, or did I count wrong?


December 7, 2014



It should give you 2 lingots for learning a skill. I just finished my Education skill and it gave me 2 lingots for it. Maybe there is a bug?


ok. maybe I miscounted. There is a bell and I got two notices which said that I had won the bet and got 10, and a notice that said that I got 2 for a 20 day streak but there was no notice for getting 2 for passing a skill. So, maybe it is cockpit trouble. I'll follow up with the next skill. Thanks to all.


You're welcome. :)

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