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Where are the additional letters?!

I know it's not the biggest concern in the world, but like with other courses, it would be extremely useful to have buttons for the unique characters in the Swedish language. Having a plain Qwert keyboard, I don't even have umlauts/accented letters. Right now this is not much of an issue, but I can see it becoming a problem later on when the words get more complex - does anyone know if these buttons will get added anytime soon?

December 7, 2014



I agree. These characters can be essential in learning and writing the language. But remember, Swedish is only in beta. They will probably be added soon.


I think it's something they're working on. In the meantime, typing diacritics on a Mac keyboard or on Windows. You can also experiment with international keyboard layouts and browser extensions that give you a similar shortcut box to Duo's.


Another benefit of learning to input from your own keyboard is that you can continue to do so outside of Duolingo.

I'm personally a fan of the international keyboard on Windows. Once installed, the three special characters used by Swedish are given by

ä - " (quotation mark) followed by a

ö - " then o

å - Hold the right Alt key and press w.

The capital versions Ä,Ö,Å are the same but using the Shift-key:

Ä - " then Shift+a (i.e. "capital A")

Ö - " then O (Shift+o)

Å - Hold Shift and the right Alt key and press w


I didn't know you could do this! Thank-you very much, I shall certainly be downloading this!


Mac has the same international keyboard! It's the same except instead of Alt you use command! It's a lifesaver


Thank-you, I think I will have to look into these :)


It will come eventually. It may seem a trivial thing to fix, but it's something that has to be introduced by someone with powers greater than those us in the Swedish team have.


I see, thank-you for letting me know :)

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