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  5. "Han forklarede historien."

"Han forklarede historien."

Translation:He explained the story.

December 7, 2014



How is 'story' and 'history' different in Danish?


I reported "history" as being acceptable. It seems like this could also mean something like "He explained the history (of the castle)." If someone has a more accurate translation of that, please let me know.


I believe you are correct;

Historien can be "The history" (i.e. through time) and it can be "The story" (i.e. someone's recount of events or possible a fictitious tale).

In this case you couldn't tell which is meant from the Danish "Han forklarede historien".


Yes, because it's not usual to talk about 'explaining a story', though you might explain a joke if someone didn't get the point.


The pronunciation of forklarer and forklarede seem to be the same. Are they? That is the speaker seems not to enunciate the "ede" att he end of the word.


Danes are often very sloppy with the spoken language, unless you e.g. listen to the Queen giving a speech, in which case the enunciation will be very precise.

There is a difference between the two words, if spoken properly you will hear 'forklarer' ending with a RRR sound that you make sort'a at the back of your mouth towards the top, and forklarede ending with a 'THE' kind of sound that you need to use the tongue and the front of the mouth to form.

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