"Domaren studerar bevisen."

Translation:The judge is studying the evidence.

December 7, 2014

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Just noticed that 'Domaren' sounds very much 'De är en'. I guess context helps distinguish between the two. Now, to think up a good pun using this.......


I think the difference is to be found in the stressing of the syllables: domaren has the stress on "do", with o slightly long and pronounced more as [u] (in IPA), "ma" [a] and "ren" [e] or [ə], both short. De är en has a short [o] (and not [u]!) in "De", and I think "är" would be stressed with a longer ä which is not properly pronounced as [a] but rather [ε] or [æ], and afterwards en [e]. So /'dú.maren/ or /'dú.marən/ - /dom'æ.ren/. Please feel free to correct me since I'm neither native anglophone nor Swedish.


You're close! Using IPA:

  • domaren: /dʊ'marɛn/
  • dom: /dɔm/


According to sv.wiktionary, I guess "bevisen" would be "the evidences" since it is the definite plural. Why is this wrong?


evidence is uncountable in English so they don't say 'evidences'. When we say ett bevis, in English they'd say 'a piece of evidence'.


Is "The judge examines the evidence." acceptable too? It sounds more precise to me


It's an accepted answer. But a closer back translation of it into Swedish would be undersöker.


Does Sweden use a jury system?


What is the difference between bevis and evidens?


evidens is virtually only used as a term, e.g. in academia, and sometimes as an affix.


Without en in the end bevis sounds like my name


Strange. In the sentence "Beviset är att vi pratar om det" it was marked as an error to translate "beviset" as "evidence" because it's supposed to be translated as "proof", but now "evidence" is the suggested translation in this sentence. I don't get it.


bevis translates to both "evidence" and "proof", depending on the context. In this case, either works - but in that other sentence, "evidence" is not really applicable to the English.


I'm confused: is it bevisen or beviset or what is the difference?


Evidence is countable in Swedish. So beviset is "the piece of evidence" and bevisen is "the pieces of evidence".


vad bevisar beviset = what proves the proof OR what does the proof prove? vilket bevis bevisar beviset = what evidence proves the proof? Is there no other word for bevis? understöd? grund?


Yes, it could mean either.

No, understöd and grund mean other things.

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