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"The little tired duck watches TV from the girl's bed."

Translation:Den lille trætte and ser tv fra pigens seng.

December 7, 2014



Because it is definite versus indefinite. You use plural for definite adjectives, like "Den Gamle By."


Ahh thank you! That skill took me awhile :p


Fjernsyn is still not accepted !??


"Den lille trætte and ser på fjernsyn fra pigens seng" was not accepted: "Ser" is "see"; "ser på" is "watch" as far as I know. Could anyone elaborate?


"Den lille trætte and kigger tv fra pigens seng" is not accepted. It is only an interpretation but I don't think he just sees the TV , he actively watches it. As you say, Fjernsyn should be good, it is the TV too.

Perhaps the author has chosen a translation among all the possible ones, since this sentence could be said in differently


Yes maybe. But all correct translations should be accepted by DL. Please report if you find a correct option that is not accepted. Thank you.


Hvorfor er "ser" rigtig men "kigger" er forkert? Tusind tak for dit svar!

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