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"Rithim le mo mhadra gach tráthnóna."

Translation:I run with my dog every evening.

December 7, 2014



Is there another word for "night"? Does "trathnona" not translate into "night"? I tried "I run with my dog every night" and it was marked wrong.



Trathnóna is afternoon or early evening. Oíche (pron: e ha) is the word for night


Is there a reason why it won't accept "I run every evening with my dog"?


The order is wrong. Duolingo wants exact order.


is there some sort of clue in the irish sentence that would help me figure out which order they want?


It's spelled out for you. Just look at the dictionary hints and write the sentence in that exact order: "I run with my dog every evening." Don't try to change the sentence by putting "every evening" before "my dog" or anything else.


In a conversation you wouldn't have the ability to look at dictionary hints and I don't want to mess up like this in a normal conversation. So does the sentence order in irish affect the sentence order in english or anything like that or do you just have to guess?


Well, I was just talking about Duolingo. In an everyday conversation, you could use whatever order you want that would make sense. You can use the order you already mentioned: "I run every evening with my dog" in a conversation. I'm just saying for the purposes of Duolingo, you should use the order that they have offered, otherwise you're going to be counted incorrect. I'm sorry if I confused you.


That makes more sense now. Thanks.


in the syntax of an Irish sentence [VSO], place and time come last. Date and place might have a preferred order?


tutors should confirm this, though?


I run every evening with my dog wasn't accepted? ;/

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