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  5. "Vender din datter tilbage?"

"Vender din datter tilbage?"

Translation:Is your daughter returning?

December 7, 2014



Is 'vender' restricted to returning to somewhere else or could this sentence be translated as "is your daughter coming back"?


What do you mean by 'returning to somewhere else'? Is it like "Is your daughter returning to Russia (after living in Denmark for many years)". Is that what you meant? Because if that's the case, this is not the phrase I'd use. I'd more likely say "Tager din datter tilbage" and then add the place she is returning to.

This phrase is more like the second phrase you wrote, "Is your daughter coming back". She has left for somewhere and we are asking if she will come back home here.

I hope this answers your question :)


In English "to return" covers both "to come back" and "to go back". So the latter would be the "somewhere else" meaning referred to.


I would also like to know. Your translation is what I thought it would be as well.


In English, "Is your daughter returning," could mean "Is your daughter coming back" and "is your daughter going back." I would say however that "coming back" refers to a place where the speaker is, whereas "going back" would refer to a place other than where the speaker is. However I still feel "is returning" could be either, unless you said "is returning here" (would match up with coming back) or "is returning there" (would match up with going back). Just a technical thing and maybe someone can correct me on that. But the ultimate point is that I feel "Is your daughter returning" are interchangeable with both "going back" and "coming back" in English.


What about "Is your daughter turning back?" / "Does your daughter turn back?"

From my understanding, "vende" means "to turn". Does the tilbage simply make it mean "to return"?


It sounds like "venter" instead of "vender".


what about saying kommer din datter tilbage? Is this acceptable


Not precisely. "Vender din datter tilbage" implies that the daughter is off on some trip and 'will she be returning?'. "Kommer din datter tilbage" implies more, like the daughter in question has taken off and 'is she ever coming back?'... At least that's the way I see it :-)


I think that my answer, "When will your daughter return?" is also valid. It's not a mistake, in my eyes...


Could this also translate "Is your daughter going to return?". I know that Danish often doesn't distinguish between present and near future.


I went over the sentence word by word and it said what I wrote down on my answer it did not say is your daughter returning and that's what I used and I was corrected so if my hints are not useful how can I use them

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