"The question has no answer."

Translation:Frågan har inget svar.

December 7, 2014

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What are the differences between inte and ingent? Why the use in this sentence.


Frågan har inte ett svar = The question does not have an answer

Frågan har inget svar = The question has no answer

Does that help?


Captain, could you elaborate this to me please? The differences between inga/ingen/inget Thank you in advance



Inget is used for ett-words, ingen is used for en words and inga for all plurals regardless of grammatical gender.

Det finns inget smör = There is no butter (Ett smör)

Det finns ingen sked = There is no spoon (En sked)

Inga regler gäller = No rules apply (Regler, plural)

Does that help?


Yes sir, stupid of me not to figure it out that way. Tack


A question once again, to make my life easier, can I use inte instead of Inge/t/a? Like in any situation just use inte


No. But if you always translate not as inte and no as ingen/inget/inga you'll be right most of the time.


yes very much thanks, tack!


In English, "The question does not have an answer" and "The question has no answer" are identical in meaning. What is the difference in meaning between "Frågan har inte svar " and "Frågan har inget svar"?


Semantically, none. But it's important that the learners here get the difference, so as to learn the ways Swedish works.


How come it would not be correct to say the following? Frågan har nej svar


Because nej only means no as in the answer to a question.


But in essence they mean the same thing?


Captain,i really want to know how can i recognize it was a ett word or a en word in swedish.


as per devalanteriel in https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26420394 :

I am sorry to say that the gender of a word will most often need to be learned by heart. This post by Zzzzz... has a great list of tendencies, however: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6329293


yes , didnt know svart was an ett word. otherwise would have gotten it right.


What's the difference between inget and ingen? Is it ett word vs en word?


Is svar, the translation for answer (noun), the same as the translation for black?


No, the color svart does not have a form without the t, and the words are unrelated.


I see, thank you!


Doe "inte nåt" have the same meaning as "inget"?


Why do I need to use 'nagot', I've never seen it used in anything before, I haven't seen it used in the Swedish version of this sentence in questions?


The main version is inget, as you can see on top of this page. But if you write inte instead of inget, the machine will tell you that you also need något. Much like you would need to add something if you said not instead of no in English. (e.g. no answer but not an answer or not any answers)


When is it fragor or fragar? I understand that fragan means 'the question' however, the 'ar' verses 'or' for the end of this word is confusing. Tack så mycket!


This isn't a question about this sentence, but I am in the Ruby League and my last 65 points have not registered. I can't see how to post this in the Troubleshooting. I can see general questions but not how to post a new question. Help!


In reference to question to enis 19,why do are you referring to him / her as Captain?


inget? I put ingen. is it ett svart?

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