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Throw us a bone on showing up and trying an exercise.

It's really sad to see that even though I have a lot of effort on this site, and fail a couple times before passing in these later exercise, I only get points for passing. In other words, the progress only captures passing an excercise, not actually making an effort (and thereby making progress in learning something...hopefully). Perhaps that is too hard to capture, but it seems that at percentage of the points would be nice at least for showing up and making an effort. Just my little rant. 8~)

July 12, 2013



You can get points for doing a timed practice and getting even one right. Do it a few times and you should get a multiple choice that you can get a coin on. I've had days where I've needed to do that just to get credit for an hour of work. Persistence does pay off.

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It seems a bit silly though to earn that one point doing timed practice or 2 points practicing one weak word just to prove we were on the site that day when sometimes we put a lot of time and effort repeatedly trying to complete a new lesson but just can't make it to the end without losing all our hearts.


Good point. I forgot about the timed practices. Merci.

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