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"Ænderne bruger deres tunger når de svømmer."

Translation:The ducks use their tongues when they swim.

December 7, 2014



They must have a different kind of duck in Denmark...

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What? They're talking to each other. They're using them When they swim, not To swim.


Duolingo's obsession with ducks is going too far.


Yeah, we should cry fowl over this. Contributors can't just wing it, if sentences don't fit the bill. Not everything belongs on the web (between our toes). Are they just egging us on? Just float some ideas, & (that's an andersand) they will quackly see the error of their ways.


Yes, it's easy to get the wrong Anser if you're just dabbling, eider be the first to teal you. (I anticipate down-votes.)

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Is it grammatically correct to say "their tongueS" instead of "their tongue" since they don't have several tongues...?

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For some reason I'm picturing them facing backwards and spinning their tongues like little propellers.

Thanks Duo for putting that disturbing image in my head.


My phone will not always type the ae together I know it should be but there is nothing I can do about it, unfair to Mark it incorrect,


Hold down your "a" key; your screen should display the "æ," along with other options. Then just slide up to the "æ" and release.

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