"Undervisningen i tyska är bra."

Translation:The instruction in German is good.

December 8, 2014

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English translation sounds unnatural in my opinion. It gives the overall idea that it is taught IN German, not that it's a German lesson, which is the idea behind the swedish sentence.

To be honest, however, I can't think of a natural direct English translation for this. One can say "The german lesson is good", but that would be phrased differently in swedish: "Tysklektionen är bra". Best option would be "The teaching of german is good", but to sound natural you'd need a better context like "The teaching of German at this school is good", which can be accurately translated to "Undervisningen i tyska på denna skola är bra".


Yes, this is an very awkward phrase in English. It's not grammatically incorrect per se, but it's quite odd since "the teaching in X" is not a structure commonly used in English, so at first glance it sounds like a non native speaking trying to calque a sentence to English from his native tongue word for word. You have to do a double take to understand what it's trying to say.


Are "i" and "på" interchangeable here?


No, undervisningen i tyska means they teach you German. undervisning på tyska means they're teaching you in German.


I'm slightly confused. I read and understood your explanation and it tied up with my understanding - but the translation of ""Undervisningen i tyska är bra."" is "The teaching in German is good." - In order for it to tie up with your explanation, shouldn't it be more like "The teaching of German is good?" (as would mean 'in German' as shown on the translation?)


I agree with TomMCauser I believe the English translation should be (The teaching of German is good)


Agreed that the default English translation "teaching in German" is very confusing and probably ambiguous as this could be either the subject or the language from which it is being taught. Noted that "teaching of German" is also accepted. This really should be the default.


How to say that they teach German in German in Swedish?


"Undervisningen i tyska är på tyska."


Oh, I see. I was confused because of the double meaning in English. Tack.


"The education" is given as a possible translation of "undervisningen" in the drop-down, but is marked incorrect in the translation. Does it ever mean the education or should that be removed? Tack.


It works more or less for this sentence: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6182025 but undervisning is a hard word to teach via translations. I see I wrote on the other one that undervisning "refers to the totality of classes, lectures and similar that the students are exposed to." which is probably pretty reasonable.


"instruction" is not accepted as a valid translation for "undervisning". Is that correct?


I don't know. If not, it should be as that's how a native speaker of English would phrase it in this case.


what is the difference between "undervisning" and "utbildning"?


undervisning is the act of educating, i.e. somebody teaching something to other people.

utbildning is education in the more general sense, as in "a good education is important", for instance.


This was not accepted. WHY the education in german is good

BTW the audio is only sporadically working right now


Why not "pa tyska"?


See my (first) answer to Delstein on this page!


"the education in German is good" is not good? In Dutch "onderwijs" is synonym to "educatie".

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