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  5. "A girl drinks."

"A girl drinks."

Translation:Ólann cailín.

December 8, 2014



Why did it tell me the answer was "Ólann girseach"?


Why would it be "olan Cailin"


What do you mean? Ól is the imperative form of the verb "drink". To get it to third person habitual present you ad ann. So there you have ólann. The word for girl is cailín, and Irish has no indefinite article (a/an). So Ólann cailín, " a girl drinks"


So in Irish is it the verb and then the noun?


Yes. The typical word order in Irish is Verb-Subject-Object. The main exception to that rule is the copula. There is some information about word order and the copula here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ga/Basics-1/tips-and-notes


Why does it matter the placement in this sentence


The placement of what?

There are only two words in this exercise - Ólann cailín is a sentence in Irish, cailín ólann is just two random words, it's not a grammatical sentence.


How do you put in the accents???


Press and hold on the word and the option of accents should appear (eg press and hold i to make í). If that doesn't work I recommend downloading gboard which has it or maybe search through your keyboard setting for a language that has accents and hope they appear. Though, it comes with like 2 downsides..


The sound doesn't work on this for me. I am the only one?

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