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Can anyone tell me how Immersion articles are confirmed?

How is the text confirmed as correct (when it is a darker color)? Does it require a certain amount of "looks goods!"? or does a qualified person have to check over the translations?

July 12, 2013



We use a machine learning algorithm that is based in part on the ratings ("Looks good" versus "Looks wrong"). We're working to make this algorithm better over time.


I have noticed that 'Looks good' has become pretty fraudulent. I have returned to DuoLingo after a month of doing nothing and I noticed that the translations have gotten pretty awful. People just submit Google Translate translations and press 'Looks good' for just about anything.

Are there some, as they say here in the Netherlands, 'perverse incentives' in submitting just anything?


Yea they still get coins whether or not their translations are really that good.


I want to know also...

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