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Plurals are hard :(

I've read and understood the rules to predicting the plural, eg. 'Kvinna' '(a' becomes 'or') to 'Kvinnor'. And I have had quite a few successful runs of the plural tests. But is there a easier way to learn the process of predicting the plural change?... Like a memory game? I'm not looking for a shortcut per say, But I am having difficultes learning them.

December 8, 2014



It all depends on the ending of the word.


ends in -a: en kvinna-- kvinnor en flicka--flickor

other en words (most fall here): en pojke--pojkar en cykel--cyklar

international words/"loan words" (often the emphasis placed on the second half of the word, whereas swedish words usually emphasize the first syllable) en station--stationer en dator--datorer

vowel shifting (these you have to memorize, are the exception usually) follow the ending of int'l words en bok-- böcker en stad--städer


end in vowel-add -n ett äpple--äpplen

all other ett words ett hus-- hus ett barn--barn


en läkare (en words that end in -are, usually professions, do not change)--läkare

en tekniker (en words that end in -niker, usually professions, do not change)--tekniker


Thank you, this post has helped me a lot understand the WHY for plurals. Thank you! Have a lingot.

[deactivated user]

    Your best bet is just practice practice practice. You can also try adding courses on memrise like this one for example: http://www.memrise.com/course/457080/duolingo-swedish-en-or-ett-plural-endings/


    That looks like a rather good site. Tack!

    [deactivated user]

      I admit I haven't used it as much as I would like to but so far it's been helpful to me. It's very good to use in conjunction with duolingo! Good luck!


      Memrise is what I use to study my Swedish for my course- I made a course on there of the material we covered, and it's helped me memorize some of the irregular forms of some verbs and such. It's great!


      I felt a little queasy about the plurals until I remembered that I speak English. We have a house and many houses but a mouse and many mice, a goose but many geese and a moose but many moose. It gave me a little perspective, but yeah, they're still tricky.


      Hello Nicholas! I starded Swedish this morning, how it's hard! I agree with you! Good luck and have a lovely Monday and fun with Duolingo, hej da :-)


      Got the hang of it now!!! Took a bit of practice, But once I worked out a couple, the rest fell into their proper places :D That being said. I still need a LITTLE more practice haha

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