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"The monkey eats food with many different spices."

Translation:Aben spiser mad med mange forskellige krydderier.

December 8, 2014



what is the difference between anderledes and forskellig?


From what I've gathered, it appears "forskellig" means different as in varied, whereas "anderledes" means different as in abnormal.


Tak for hjælpen! I have often wondered about this.


Etymology of "anderledes" comes from forms of "anden" (other) + "led" (way). Etymology of "forskellig" is related to "skel" (boundary).

Den Danske Ordbog gives its first example of use of "forskellig" as: "Livet i Danmark er helt forskelligt fra livet i Vietnam." Seems to me that in that sentence, "anderledes" ought to be equally correct as a replacement for "forskelligt".

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