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System broken in Safari?

None of my lessons "check" or "grade" or "complete" in Safari any more. I have tried restarting my computer, logging out and logging in again, etc. I don't particularly like the new bar system, but it's not annoying enough to me to complain. Breaking my streak because of an error is. It doesn't matter which lesson I'm on or what I'm doing, the lesson never completes. Yes, I could just do it on my iPhone where at least the old heart system is still in place and I feel like I get something (xp/lingots) for the time I invest, but it's much more convenient to work on my computer when I'm at home. It would be great if this could be resolved very soon; it is really frustrating.

December 8, 2014


[deactivated user]

    Safari is not the best browser that you could use for Duolingo. The iOS Safari doesn't work at all and the Mac version is very behind compared to other browsers. I suggest you use Chrome.


    It's just rather sad when you cannot use your preferred browser with Duolingo.


    I use iOS app on my iPad & iPhone, with Safari, and it works perfectly. Perhaps you just need to upgrade iOS or Safari.


    Regarding your computer, which version of OS X is on it, and which version of Safari do you have?


    Most recent in all cases. And I think I've solved the problem now. Still not best pleased with the new system, but I hope they'll change it back, or maybe even give people the power to choose. Thanks to everyone for the helpful and positive suggestions. :)

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