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  5. "Cá bhfuil mo bhróga?"

" bhfuil mo bhróga?"

Translation:Where are my shoes?

December 8, 2014



what do you think? :)


I think that even harder translations are still to come for you.

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How does bhfuil compare to tá or the copula? It's my understanding that the copula is something permanent, so that wouldn't make sense here, but would "Cá atá mo bhróga?" or something like that work?


I am not sure I understand the question, but:


Quotation from link:

supplementary queries with Cá = "where is" This is also a copular construction, so the continuation of the question is only possible as:

•an indir. relative clause.

■with -verbs (cá fuses with a / ar to become the verbal particle cá / cár e.g.: Cá bhfuil tú = Where are you? Cár chuir tú é = Where have you put it ?) or

■with -copula (see below)

when as the relative clause with the copula : Combinations of cá and following the indir. relative form of the copula : cár (= cá + ar, cárb preceding a vowel)

Personal comment: "atá" seems to be possible in a lot of questions, but apparently not easily in where style questions?

http://nualeargais.ie/gnag/gram.htm / "other words" / "interrogatives"


I'm still confused how bhfuil sounds like 'win'. Clarity will come, I'm sure as I learn.


Why the lenition in shoes in this sentence?

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Possessive adjectives mo and do lenite the noun that they are qualifying.

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