"Hans själ är i himlen nu."

Translation:His soul is in heaven now.

December 8, 2014

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I thought there would be some topics about valhalla and such stuff...


Is there any difference in pronouncing 'själ' and 'skäl'?


Did the voice change? Seems okay to me.


Yes and it sounds fine with the new voice :).


Hooray! I got something right! :-P


Do swedes differentiate between "the sky" and "heaven"? I've always pictured heaven being "above" the sky (in my imaginary scenario), not as being the same thing.


No, we don't. There is a word "sky" for sky, but it is seldom used.

Blinka lilla stjärna där
hur jag undrar var du är
Fjärran lockar du min syn,
lik en diamant i skyn
Blinka lilla stjärna där
hur jag undrar var du är

(Twinkle, twinkle, little star)


Shouldn't my answer "his soul is in the heaven now" be accepted then? Duo said it's should be "the sky" in translation


As a native English speaker I would never say "His soul is in the heaven now" - the "the" in that sentence would always be omitted. So maybe that's why Duolingo didn't like your answer - it accepted "His soul is in heaven now" for me just now. However translating as sky, the sentence needs the "the". "His soul is in the sky now" is correct but omitting it would be wrong.
Frantically trying to think why this is... and I think it is because heaven is a specific place whereas sky is a thing. Like saying "his soul is in London now" versus "his soul is in the city now".


Just idiomatics, really - it's the same for other things such as outer space, for instance, where Swedish uses rymden and English practically never uses "the space".


Essentially, yeah. And you're right - it's basically because they're treated as proper nouns. But why this reasoning is applied to some words in language a but not in language b and vice versa is, I think, mostly due to arbitrary historical linguistic accidents. :)


So the explanation is "that is just the way it is" ? :) I wonder if it could be down to them historically being capitalised/made into proper nouns "he is in Heaven now", "They went to Space" and then the capitalisation was dropped but the "the" was never added in.


Thank you for all your replies to my questions today, have an ingot :) I only discovered web Duolingo recently and the tips and discussions are so helpful! I did the entire tree via the iOS app and wish I'd known about the tips earlier... I was guessing what the Swedish grammar rules were as I went along !


I usually picture heaven as all around us like another dimension


We had twelve translation suggestions for "His sole is in heaven now". Uhm, guys... :p


Himmel or Himel? Is "himmlen" the sky, and "himlen" Heaven?


himmel = sky, heaven
himlen = the sky, the heaven


Kurt Vonnegut reference? (I'm hoping so)


Doubtful, but not impossible. :)


I haven't tried it, but can it be translated as "His soul is in the sky now"?


Yes, that is accepted.

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