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I would pay Doulingo to add this option!

It gets very frustrating every time I practice a quiz where I strengthen my skills under time practice that I don't have time(obviously because of the timer) to check why my answer was wrong.

At the end of the quiz it gets even more frustrating that I can't check my answer with the discussion upon that specific sentence/word/question/whatever.

I am sure that this option would be very very useful for each of us Duo

So what do you think Duolingo?

December 8, 2014



A simpler version of this might be to just have the clock stop once you have answered the question so you can look it over before going on to the next one--when you continue, the timer starts up again.


In my opinion this is the best solution. Showing all the solutions at the end would be too much clutter. It is also more time-efficient to see corrections immediately after making the mistake, when the sentence is fresh in your mind.


seems like it not be too much work to implement for the experienced duolingo team but it would be a very useful feature.


It should be relatively easy technically. The problem is resources, Duo has a very small development team and they have lots of work so they have to prioritise their work.


Large development teams have to prioritize work as well. It's a matter of what you consider to be important.


Yes, but the smaller the team, the fewer things that can be "important enough to work on right now." The bigger the team, the more things you can work on that may not be as important (even if they would be very nice to have).


I often look at the discussion for a sentence/word/question by typing it into the search box on the discussion forum. That's not as quick as clicking a "discuss sentence" button, but it does allow me to review the discussion close in time to making a mistake on the quiz.


I also brought this up to Duolingo. Maybe one day it will be an option.

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