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"Do you know where my watch is?"

Translation:Weet je waar mijn horloge is?

December 8, 2014



Would "weet je waar zit mijn horloge?" be correct?


No, that doesn't really work because of the word order. "Weet je waar mijn horloge zit?" would be a good sentence. Though i don't think i would ever ask it that way. 'Zitten' means something like 'is placed' in this sentence. Someone could answer 'Hij/Het zit in één van je zakken', it's in one of your pockets.

The grammar section has this: The verb ‘zitten’ (= to sit) is used to describe the location of:

an object or a person that is located inside of something else, such as a building, a room or a box.


Why is it 'is' in the end of the sentence, I thought that other verbs are in the indefinite form.


Where's the subordinating conjunction flipping the word order?


First clause:

  • Weet je? - Do you know - Question, hence inversion of subject and verb

Second clause:

  • waar mijn horloge is - where my watch is - waar is the conjunction.


Would “kent je“ also be correct?


Nope, 'kennen' is used for 'being familiar with' as in "Ik ken haar" (I know her).

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