"I work a total of three weeks."

Translation:Jag arbetar sammanlagt tre veckor.

December 8, 2014

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Why is it not sammanlagda? I guess this is for plurals? Tack.


It's an adverb, and those typically end in -t.


Thanks, ok, but if it is for a plural, like tre veckor, wouldn't it also take a plural ending? Or, when would you use sammanlagda? Tack.


Yes, it's an adverb in the sentence above because of the context.
If it's used as an adjective would be sammanlagda in the plural or in the determinate:
Den sammanlagda kostnaden för konsumenten blir …  = 'The total cost for the consumer will be …'


in English, it is not an adverb. a is an adjective; total is a direct object noun; the remainder is a preposition phrase


It could also be totalt in swedish


Could this also mean: 'I have been working for three weeks.', meaning that one has just started working? Right now the English translation sounds as if one has a temporary job.


Jag arbetar sammanlagt tre veckor. only means that you work at at a place for a total of three weeks (and not more than that).

If you want to say that you have just started a new job and have been working there for three weeks so far then you'd have to say Jag har arbetat här i tre veckor and if you want to be more precise then Jag har hittills arbetat här i tre veckor.

Sammanlagt = (Something) put together to form a total amount (But not put together as in fixing something that is broken or putting together a puzzle)

Hittills = So far


Ah, ok. Thanks :) That's a clear distinction


I think in normal speech you might say "... tre veckor sammanlagt" Would this definitely be wrong?


I couldn't say if it is more idiomatic to say this sentence in that way... But if you take a look at the tips and notes section added on the first skill of adverbs you will read this: Unlike English, adverbs are always placed after the verb in sentences that start with the subject. This is because of the V2 rule – the verb must always come second.


That makes sense, thanks.


You are welcome! =)


Why not "jag jobbar tre veckor totalt"?


But what's the "i" doing there -- the correction I got?


What's the difference between "sammanlagt" and "i sammanlagt"? Does "i" make any difference?


<<----me at my last job. De var extremt galna.


Can't I use jobbar instead of arbetar??

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