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Memrise Danish course recommendations?

Memrise is a site/app that allows users to share flashcard decks. I haven't really used it much, but it seems like it might be a good way to supplement vocabulary acquisition (although unfortunately few decks seem to have audio).

There are a ton of Danish decks:


Has anyone used any of these? If so, recommendations would be great! Thanks!

December 8, 2014



Hi there. I used Memrise for a while before Duolingo's Danish course came out, and I haven't actually gone back to it since. But you're right. It is a good way to supplement vocab and get a little extra practice.

I did 2 courses that I liked for different reasons.

1st- I did 1st Danish words by Patrizoso. It was good to practice the numbers in the last few lessons. 2nd- I did Basic Danish by baas. I liked this one more, because it's full of well structured sentences to get you practicing the en/et nouns etc.

Good luck with them!

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