"Vegetarerne spiser ost."

Translation:The vegetarians eat cheese.

December 8, 2014

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Now I want cheese, and I am not even vegetarian.


Are there irregular word endings or why don't you say vegetarene or tallerkenene? (Okay, for the last word, tallerknerne sounds far better…)


I think it's because of -er and -en putting together . Vegetarer means vegetarians, add -en (that's like adding "the") and here you have vegetarerne, which means the vegetarians. I hope you understood something. ;D


Is there a word for vegan?

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I was told in an other thread that they simply say "vegan". (And when I was in København they said "vegan" indeed^^)


How come it's eating "the pork" and when I put in "eats the cheese" it wasn't accepted?


Using "the" in sentences sometimes make sense like "the crab is drinking water" ( krabbet drikker vand) but it makes it looks too formal when it's said as "the crab is drinking the water" (krabbet drikker vandet). I'm saying this just in my opinion considering that here I put "the vegitarians are eating the cheese" but it marked it as wrong which makes me confused on when I shoukd actually be using "the."


Ya but the Vegans dont


The "eats" and "is eating" issue crops up again. I am fed up with blindly choosing one or the other to discover it's the "wrong" one.

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