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How to advance to new levels

I am relatively new to Duolingo and am stuck in the early lessons and don't know how to move on. I seem to have mastered the early basic skills, but can only re-practice them. I am ready for more challenge. How do I move ahead without having to test out of the next thirteen lessons all at once? Appreciate any help. Thanks

December 8, 2014



Click on the skill that you want to start doing.


In this picture, you can see that I have completed my Questions, Conjon., and Prépos. skills. Now I will click on the Dates skill to start doing that, and once I've done that I'll move on to Famille. Got it? :-)


Thanks, Xeno 78, I had tried that but it won't do anything. Maybe I will need to ask the folks who run the program. Greg


Try going into each Skill and checking that each lesson has been completed. There should be a tick besides every lesson in the Skill. If even one is not ticked then you will not unlock the next group of skills.

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