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The extra letters are not recognized [bug?]

It is really weird, but I can use a and o in place of å, ä and ö and vice versa and get the answer marked correct. Is it the expected behavior?

Upd: here's screenshot of it accepting "jäg tålår öm din generatiön" http://1drv.ms/1AYsYBD

December 8, 2014



Å, ä and ö are more than just letters with diacritics in Swedish. They are treated as individual letters. Therefore we take this issue very seriously! We are trying to get the Duo-team to add these letters, but we cannot do anything more until that has been solved.


The Swedish keyboard also works nicely, it just moves the punctuation around. I have ö where ; is normally, ä where " is normally, and å where the square brackets are. If you go to the control panel, in windows 7, then "change keyboards and input methods", then "change keyboards", then click "add" you can go by language and then keyboard. You can get the keyboard to be under English or Swedish.


You can have a one letter spelling error in a word and pass and it is not just for these letters, but I prefer not to get into that bad habit so I have installed the international US keyboard and I can press Shift + " and let go and then press a or o to get ä or ö and strangely press and hold the right ALT key and press w for å. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306560


but I've just typed in "jäg tålår öm din generatiön" and it was marked correct


Yes, they are ignoring the accents right now. Do you think it is because they don't have their own accent buttons set up yet as they do for the other languages? They do ignore punctuation in most languages, but I believe it is marked wrong for accents in other languages. No, superdaisy is correct.


I don't know why they are doing it, but as far as I understand ä, ö, å are considered separate letters in Swedish, not accented ones, and it's important to remember the spelling correctly. I'm sure there can be a huge number of similar words, differing in just a letter and meaning wildly different things. As @superdaisy says below, it just reminds not to forget the accents for Spanish, but for Swedish the situation seems like using all the wrong vowels in a Spanish word and getting it marked "correct."


I agree, they are separate vowels and should be treated as such by the system.


Indeed. I hate it when people talk about ä as an a with accent. It's not like m is n with an accent, or t an l with an accent. They are different letters.


I forget to use the diacritics in Spanish all the time and am never marked wrong. Well, at least, it's still green, you just get a "almost! don't forget the accents!" message.


You are right. At least there is a warning, I don't think there is even a warning in Swedish. See the screenshot ianikeev posted above.


Oh woah, that's totally different from Spanish. Odd!


It does that for me too. For now I'm just leaving it and hope they fix it.


it does it for me too... So when I'm not sure about an accent sometimes I'll purposefully mess up a single letter in another word - just so it shows the correct translation and I can check manually if I got the letters correct.

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