"I hope that she remembers that."

Translation:Eu espero que ela se lembre disso.

July 12, 2013

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Why does the "lembre" not need "se" before it? I thought lembrar was a reflexive verb?


Both are correct. We use "lembrar" and "lembrar-se" in the same context


Got it wrong because I thought non-reflexive "lembrar" means "remind" not "remember."


Would you say that is not always true?

[deactivated user]

    It is non-reflexive. The particle se is omitted and depending on context, another pronoun may be substituted.

    • Espero que ela te lembre de tuas responsibilidades.
    • I hope that she reminds you of your responsibilities.

    from linguee.com:

    • Nós lembramos que vocês emanam um magnetismo que pode mudar vidas.
    • We remind you that you emanate a magnetism that can change lives.


    Thanks, that's very helpful!

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