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"Shroich do theach ach raibh ann."

Translation:I reached your house but you were not there.

December 8, 2014



Would, "I arrived at your house..." be accepted? (because right now, it isn't.) December 8, 2014.


Maybe.... This example appears in the definition of "arrive" in the Foclóir.ie: "to arrive at a place áit a bhaint amach, áit a shroicheadh" (https://www.focloir.ie/en/dictionary/ei/arrive). And there's this example under "sroich" in the FGB/teanglann.ie: " Nuair a shroich mé an baile, when I arrived home" (https://www.teanglann.ie/en/fgb/sroich). I'm very new to Irish, and would love to know from folks with more in-depth experience where "sroich"( in the sense of "to arrive" or "to arrive" at) falls on the scale from relatively rare, or relatively common!


The dictionary entry for sroich suggests that it could be used that way, although its Irish example for “arrived” is only provided in a transitive sense — perhaps analogous to the intransitive glaoch ar being translated by the transitive “call”, although in the other direction.


That kind of went over my head. Do they mean "reach" in the sense of, by phone? Sorry, but I really don't know grammatical terms much at all, apart from the basic noun, verb, adjective, adverb stuff that I learned 50 years ago.


No, “reach” as in reaching a place, or reaching across a table. I only brought up glaoch ar vs. “call” to illustrate that a verb can be transitive (requiring an object) in one language but intransitive (not requiring an object) in another.


But can it be used in the "reached by phone/text/email" sense? Or is that a different verb


in that "do theach" is a specific location, would "ansin" be a more correct use versus "ann"


I wouldn't consider ansin to be more correct in this case (especially as ann can be interpreted as "in it").

In this case, I'd say that you could use either ann or ansin.


'Bhain mé do theach amach ach ní raibh tú ann'. This could be a way of saying 'arrived' rather than 'reached' (I think...)


I put I reached your house, but you were not in. Oh well, next time. If the lovely young lady reading the words would learn to pronounce them... Ok that's been addressed as well. Good night, all. :)

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