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"My father used to walk with my mother."

Translation:Mi padre caminaba con mi madre.

5 years ago



Where in the world did solia come from? ????? Any help would be appreciated

4 years ago

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  • My father used to walk with my mother = Mi padre solía caminar con mi madre
  • My father walked with my mother = Mi padre caminó con mi madre
  • My father was walking with my mother = Mi padre estaba caminando con mi madre / Mi padre caminaba con mi madre
5 years ago


What about the personal a?

3 years ago


You don't need it because you have "with" ("con").

2 years ago


Thank you

2 years ago


Madre is not a direct object, so the personal a is not necessary.

9 months ago


Still don't know where solia came from. What verb is it?

1 year ago


Solia is practically used to in english

1 year ago


Soler, "to used to" (in the past tense) do something. Solía caminar, "I/he/she/it/usted-you used to walk".

9 months ago


"Mi padre acostumbraba caminar con mi madre" Is What They Told Me.

1 year ago


I agree with Barbara and bama_girl 123 - I'd never seen the word solia until it was suggested for "used to" in this sentence. Duolingo, you have to teach a word before we can know it!

10 months ago


The hints are general, not specific to the example sentence. They will show you things you have not seen before and things that are not necessarily relevant to the example sentence's particular meaning or nuance. If you look up a word in an English dictionary you will come across the same thing. Try looking up "set" sometime. You will find many meanings not relevant to any given example of usage of that word. Regard it as a learning opportunity. Use SpanishDict.com regularly to explore the different usages and words.

9 months ago