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  5. "Vi har time nu."

"Vi har time nu."

Translation:We have class now.

December 8, 2014



There is a difference between the 'turtle' pronunciation and the normal speed translation of 'time', which one is correct?


Good guesses, the slow option is correct :)


I can only listen to the normal speed, but in that time is pronounced wrong. The i in time should sound more like the english word tea.


That was my question too :). I am almost sure that the slow one is correct. I suppose it is the same "time" that means hour ("timma" in Swedish) and then the turtle must be the right one.


I never listened to the slow because I heard ti menu, 10 menus, and I won! DL accepted my spelling without even a blink.


So when would you use 'time' for class instead of 'klasse'?


I asked my Danish girlfriend this a while ago, and, if I remember her reply correctly, 'time' is class, as in lecture ('I'm going to class now'), and 'klasse' is class, as in subject ('which classes do you take?'). I think it's partly because classes (lectures) in Denmark are invariably an hour (en time) long.


Actually a class is usually 45 mins in Danish schools (Or at least it was before they changed the system this year. Now I don't know)

Time refers to class as in "I'm going to class" Fag refers to subject Klasse refers to grade as in "I'm in the 9th grade" "Jeg går i 9. klasse", as well as classroom Karakter is grade Forelæsning is lecture

Hope I could clear it up a bit :)


Thanks! "Fag" and "Karakter" both sound very odd to a Swede :), but the other ones are similar to Swedish words (timma, klass and föreläsning).


Whenever I read Swedish I find it so amusing because I'm constantly going "hey we have that too!" haha :D


Is "We have lesson now." good English? I would have thought it to be either "a lesson" or "lessons".


Your intuition is correct.


Klasse also means the classmates, as in 'klassefest'. In school, from børnehaveklasse through 3. G (HS seniors) kids stay with the members of their class, ususally numbered, as in 2b, which means 2nd grade, or 2nd year Gymnasium, the b class. Often they will stay in the b class all through school, and get to know their classmates very well. In gymnasium (at least 20 years ago) a,b,c.... are Sproglige klasser, and ...xyz Matematiske.

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