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"Ithim torthaí chomh minic agus is féidir."

Translation:I eat fruit as often as possible.

December 8, 2014



If the translation is "I eat fruit as often as possible" then why is the "agus" between "chomh minic" and "is feidir"? Is it just colloquial?


"agus is féidir" stands for "as is possible" in this instance coming after "chomh minic"


(g) (Comparative) (After chomh, oiread, ionann, amhail)

Déanfaidh mé é chomh maith ~ is féidir liom, I'll do it as well as I can.

Thug sé a oiread dó ~ a shásaigh é, he gave him enough to satisfy him.

Ní raibh a oiread ~ duine ann, there was not even one person there.

Bhí sé ionann ~ (a bheith) caite aici, she had almost spent it.

D'aithin mé é chomh luath ~ a chonaic mé é, I recognized him as soon as I saw him.

Labhair sé liom, amhail ~ dá mbeadh aithne aige orm, he spoke to me as if he knew me.


Wierd to me too. It seems to list 'agus' as meaning both "and" and "while". So maybe it's more like 'as often while possible" Looks wierd in English, but maybe the meaning is closer?


Agus is a conjunction that can be using in many different circumstances that typically use different words in English. "And" is just the most simple usage, and "as" is the most appropriate in this particular case - "while" and "as" are often interchangeable in English, but not in "as often as possible".


So it's best for me to assume "chomh minic agus is féidir" is a phrase that means "as often as possible" in most, if not all, cases?


Acceptable responses should include "as often as I am able"


or 'as often as I can' ....


Strictly speaking, that is chomh minic agus is féidir liom.


Yes of course, my mistake.


Am I alone not to understand why the correction is "Fruit" at singular while "Torthaí" is plural ?


In English, "fruit" can be used as a mass noun, so even though you say "I eat apples" or "I eat bananas" using the plural, you say "I eat fruit" using what looks like the singular, rather than "I eat fruits".

In Irish, the plural torthaí is preferred, because there is no way to tell whether ithim toradh means "I eat fruit" or "I eat a fruit".

You don't apply the same logic to all foodstuffs. Ithim arán is "I eat bread", Ithim feoil, "I eat meat" but Ithim glasraí - "I eat vegetables" and Ithim milseáin - "I eat sweets" (plural) or, in American English "I eat candy" (singular/mass noun).


is there not a "liom" assumed at the end, ie "I eat fruit as often as I can."


The English-Irish Dictionary entry for “possible” gives chomh fada agus is féidir for “as far as possible”, so it would seem reasonable that liom need not be given in this sentence for “as often as possible”.


Absolutely; but isn't "I eat fruit as often as I can" a reasonable translation, "as often as is possible" should probably be accepted as well.


Yes, it’s certainly a reasonable translation. I’d taken your original comment as suggesting that the missing liom should be added.


Surely 'as often as I can' should be accepted? Instead as 'as often as possible'


chomh minic agus is féidir - "as often as possible"
chomh minic agus is féidir liom - "as often as I can"


Úsáidim Duolingo chomh minic agus is féidir!

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