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Streak ended unfairly

Hi, I realised when I got home at about 11pm that I hadn't done my duolingo for the day so I did some lessons but somehow they were added to the next day and the "helping bird" kept telling me I was 20XP and then 10 XP away from being on track today so I kept doing some more levels in the hope that it would be added to the right day (Monday) but it wasn't meant to be and I only got higher and higher on Tuesday's goal. This is the second time that something like this happened. The first time I thought that maybe I had got it wrong and really didn't practise that day but today it's still Monday now and yet it is adding to Tuesday which I find really frustrating as I really don't want my streak to end (yet again).

Is there any way you could potentially sort it out (or do you have any suggestions how to avoid something like this in the future?).

Thanks very much, Natalie

December 8, 2014



Duo changes your day at midnight in the timezone you were in when you first registered your account. If this has changed then you need to make allowances for it.

Also, Duo is very likely to be very busy arround that midnight hour so I build in a healthy margin of error, e.g. Reach your target at least 15 minutes or more before midnight.

If you are using an app to do the lessons, make sure that the app and websight are synchronised before midnight. If you don't do this, the XP earned will be counted on the following day.


Just move on.

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