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  5. "How are the victims?"

"How are the victims?"

Translation:Hvordan har ofrene det?

December 9, 2014



To help myself remember this structure I think of it along the lines of, ''How have the victims (been taking) it? Same with ''How are you?''...''how have you (been taking) it?''. Makes me think of ''how goes it'' or ''have you been making a good time of it?''.


Ok, could someone explain why this is the answer, and why "Hvordan er ofrene?" is wrong? Thanks!


"Hvordan er ofrene?" Asks about the personalities of the victims, not how they are doing/feeling.

Hvordan har du det= how are you.

Hvordan er han= what is he like.


Ah, thanks for the explanation.


And why is like that? Why use the verb of have?


I believe French is the same, "I have thirst," instead of "I am thirsty." Seems like more languages use the equivalent of "have" when discussing various states of being.


Spanish too - tengo sed = I have thirst = I am thirsty (in English)


There are no reasons for things like that. Surely you can think of things in your own first language that make no obvious sense to foreigners?


So how were we to know the sentence was not supposed to mean "What are the victims like"?


"What are the victims like?" would be "Hvordan er ofrene?".


When asking someone how are you we say "hvordan går det?" Can one say "hvordan går det med ofrene" in lieu of hvordan har ofrene det?


I suppose one could say it like that, but "hvordan går det med ofrene?" is more trivial than "hvordan har ofrene det?".

The difference is the same in English: "How are the victims?" - "How's it going with the victims?".


ikke saa godt!


Er was not an option for my question. Har was a choice. However I looked in the hints due to the new wording that I was coming acrost. Har was not a part of any answer offered. I did not use it. I was wrong.


Help, please someone explaine why we use OFRENE and not OFFERET, the subject/noun structure. Or is OFRENE the plural of the noun form? We are asking about the victims. I think OFRE is the verb spelling, is it not? Hvordan har ofrene det just seems wrong when offeret means the victim.


That's just the plural form: Offeret (sg.) --> ofrene (pl.)


Why is it hvordan and not just hvor?


Because hvor means where, not how


Derrrrp. Thank you. I do my lessons generally first thing in the morning before I've had proper amounts of coffee. My brain has not usually kicked in by that time.


except when it does mean how, how much, how many, how could you do that...


Then again, "hvor stor" means "how big", so "hvor" CAN mean "how".


Yes, that's correct. But it also means "where".

"Hvor er du?" = "Where are you?".

"Hvor er du stor!" = "How big you are!".


How do you think the victims are


How does one know the difference between the endings ‘ene’ and ‘erne’ in plurals. Both seem to have the same effect on the word and mean ‘the ?s’. Except as it seems in this case.


Usually it depends on the plural of the word. If it ends with r as a plural its -erne and if it doesn't it's -ene. Example: Familie - familier - familierne. Hest - heste - hestene. I hope that helps!

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